Why Use Pressure Treated Lumber?

In an effort to provide pertinent information to our customers, Adams Lumber Company has some tips for why you should use pressure treated wood.

First and foremost, pressure treated wood is a proven building material for a wide range of projects. No matter what you are building, it is going to have to face the natural elements – air, fire, earth, and water. Sun, wind, rain, heat, cold, and insects are doing their best to wear down your home and other building structures. The preservatives in pressure treated wood are specially formulated to fight against these detrimental elements to keep your home safe and comfortable.

In addition, pressure treated wood is code compliant and backed by a limited warranty when properly installed. Pressure treated wood is available in both ground contact and above-ground formulations; you should always check your local building code authority for requirements in your area for your particular application. Adams Lumber Company is also happy to help you source the best pressure treated wood products for your construction project. Contact Us to learn more.

Lastly, pressure treated wood is more affordable than concrete or steel. With a low weight to high strength ratio, pressure treated wood can be used for load-bearing, structural applications, and it costs less than other options. And, because pressure treated wood is easy to handle, transport, and store, it also costs less to install.


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