Why Choose Humboldt Redwood

With so many decking choices available on the market today, you may ask, “Why Choose Humboldt Redwood?” Adams Lumber Company is here to help you understand why so many homeowners and contractors are increasingly choosing real, strong, Humboldt Redwood for their outdoor living projects.

First and foremost, Humboldt Redwood is strong and durable, possessing shear strength up to five times greater than plastic decking materials. Humboldt Redwood allows for 24” spans from joist to joist. Plastics require 16” spans and in some cases 12” spans; that’s like building a deck under your deck, resulting in significantly higher material and labor costs.

Furthermore, the beauty of Humboldt Redwood is legendary. Featuring rich red and creamy yellow tones, each Humboldt Redwood deck board is unique with a color, texture, and grain pattern all its own. And remember, for homeowners with Mid-century and earlier homes, featuring a beautiful, natural product such as Humboldt Redwood is a perfect fit with the original materials used in the homes of that era.

Humboldt Redwood stays safe and comfortable in the hot summer sun unlike some plastic decking materials. With a much lower thermal conductivity than plastic and composite decking alternatives, a Humboldt Redwood deck can be enjoyed even on the hottest summer days. Humboldt Redwood is also rated for usage in fire hazard severity zones.

Lastly, Humboldt Redwood decking is sourced from renewable, well-managed forestlands located in Northern California. In fact, environmental stewardship is the cornerstone of Humboldt Redwood decking products. And, Humboldt Redwood is all American supporting good jobs and small communities.

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